IP: play.consus.fun


Consus is a political factions Minecraft server run by N3, Goomb, and Dizzy. On Consus, you can create your own nation, make alliances, declare war, build monuments, and so much more!



July 2018 - Consus was created. It wasn't that much yet, as it didn't have a map yet, but it was going well.

Feburary 2019 - Consus first advertizes for an open beta. Many bugs are found and fixed at this time.


April 2019 - Consus is out of it's beta period and fully releases! Bugs are 99% fixed and the server is ready for people to join.


May 2019 - First reset, which changed the first earth map for a more diverse earth map, with better biome variation and less trimmed down peaks.


June 2019 - Second and third reset, happened quite quickly between eachother due to hardware issues.


August 2019 - Website goes up, and Consus is doing great!